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Below are links to genealogical information about other families, that’s on this website.
They’re all ongoing research project, so additions and suggestions are very welcome!
There’s a link to descendants and a link to the forefather (click on the name).
Note that, to see information about living persons, you’ll have to register and log in!

Related families
Navigate to the descendants of Hendrik Kornelis VAN DEN AKKER (My mothers family, paternal line).
Navigate to the descendants of Hendrik SCHIEVING (My mothers family, maternal Schieving/Schievink line).
Navigate to the descendants of Willem HENDRIKS, born abt 1766, died 1823 (My children’s family, their mother’s paternal line).
Navigate to the descendants of Luij JANS (later the BERGHUIS family), born bef. 1690 (My children’s family, their mother’s maternal line).

And of course: De Calonne

Navigate to the descendants of Martin CALONNE (died 1716, forefather of the Indonesian, Dutch and US De Calonnes).

Yet unlinked branches of (De) Calonne
Navigate to the descendants of Jacques DE CALONNE.
An yet unlinked branch, forefather of the famous viscount Charles Alexandre de Calonne, minister of finance under Louis XVI.
Navigate to the descendants of Pierre CALONNE, died 1752.
Forefather of a branch also originating from Longueville, Belgium, just like the Indonesian De Calonnes. A link between these branches is yet to be found. It’s possible this Pierre was a son of Martin Calonne. Pierre’s eldest son was named Martin. Possibly he got named after his grandfather (quite common in those days).
Navigate to the descendants of Antoine CALONNE, born 1720.
Forefather of a branch originating from Grand-Leez, Belgium. Grand-Leez is only 18 km away from Longueville, where the Pierre CALONNE-branche and Martin CALONNE-branche originate from. A link between these branches is yet to be found.

Click here to read the article about the 12 original families of Depok.

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  1. Yolanda Clarke says:

    Hi, my name is Yolanda Clarke and I live in Melbourne Australia. I am writing as I believe there is a link to your family tree. My great grandmother was a daughter of Cornelia Fredrika Heitinga. I believe that this is Carolina Fredrika Heitinga. She married Dirk van Vuuren.
    Her name was Emma Charlotte Josephine van Vuuren (born either 29/03/1879 or 28 March 1878)and she married Josephus Fransiscus Ludovicus Van Aken.
    They had seven children, six boys and one girl, Emma Betsyana van Aken. She married Gerardus Cornelis Meyer on 06/11/1930 and they had three daughters, one which is my mother Antoinette Josephine Emma.
    I would love to add information and photos with you.

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