Coat of arms De Calonne registered

On December 18th the coat of arms of the Dutch Indies/’Indo’ branch of the De Calonne family was officially registered!
The coat of arms hanging at the home of many Calonnes, belongs to the noble Calonnes, originating from Tournai|Doornik (Belgium). A connection between the “Indische” De Calonnes and the noble, French-Belgium, Calonnes has not been found and probably won’t be found ever. The ‘Indo’-Calonnes aren’t entitled to use that noble coat of arms, but it’s also not appropiate to adorn with borrowed plumes.
That’s why Dennis de Calonne, in cooperation with a heraldist, designed a new coat of arms, specially for the ‘Indo’-Calonnes.
The new coat of arms can be used by all name-bearing descendants of Jean Baptiste de Calonne, ancestor of all ‘Indo’-Calonnes.
Click here to read extensively about the background of the new coat of arms and watch computer drawings of it.



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