De Calonne Family Website

Welcome to the De Calonne Family Website.

This website focuses primarily on the De Calonne family history and genealogy.
You can read a brief De Calonne history, as well as all known genealogical data about De Calonne and related families.
There are background stories available about places, people and events that play a role in the De Calonne family historie.
De Dutch Indies-branch of the De Calonne family has an officially registered coat of arms. Read more about it here.

Because there are various links between the De Calonne family and the city of Depok (West-Java, Ind.) and its families, there’s a lot of information about Depok families on this website. The genealogical data on the 12 original Depok families can be found in the ever growing website database. You can also check hundreds of photographs of the Depok cemetery, that the creator of this website took in 2003, 2007, 2015 and 2018.

If you want to start your own genealogical investigation, you can start with the list of sources that were used for this website.
A good start for genealogical research in the former Dutch East Indies is the Indische Genealogische Vereniging.

You can also check the latest news about the family on this page.

Additions, comments, corrections, news items etc. are always welcome. You can use the contact form for that.

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