Photo treasure – August Gerard and Jenny Emma

While browsing the Dutch (photo) heritage website, I came across some photos that were donated by a “T. Pareau Dumont-Brunsveld Keiser”.
This woman, named Tine Theodora Titia Pareau Dumont, was a daughter-in-law of Florence Beatrice de Calonne, Francois Joseph de Calonne’s niece (my great-great-grandfather) and August Gerard de Calonne’s cousin (my great-grandfather). There also was this wedding photo taken in 1903 in Batavia. No names were mentioned.
Because I know August Gerard married his first wife, Jenny Emma Rademaker, in 1903 (the 8th of July) in Batavia, I was very excited. Could this be a yet unknown photo of my great-grandfather and his first wife?
An initial check using Google Picasa’s facial recognition was positive (Picasa suggested the people on the photo were August and Jenny) and so was a careful comparison of the facial features in this photo and known photos of them in my archive. Finally, two of August Gerard and Jenny Emma’s grandchildren identified them.
So, here it is, a hitherto unknown photo of August Gerard de Calonne and his first wife, Jenny Emma Rademaker. Taken at the day of their marriage, the 8th of July 1903 in Batavia (Dutch East Indies)!

August Gerard de Calonne - Jenny Emma Rademaker




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