Tropenjaren als geneeskundig officier

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The Depok Lama Cemetery, Indonesia

In 2003 and 2007 I took some pictures of gravestones on the Depok Lama-cemetery in Indonesia.
During our last holiday, last July/August 2015, I photographed almost all gravestones (a few hundred).
I did this for my research on the 12 original families of Depok.
Our De Calonne-family is linked to those families in many ways.
You can download a list (.pdf) of the persons mentioned on the gravestones I photographed here (sorted on grave number) and here (alphabetical order).
The 531 photo’s can be found on this page, sorted on grave number.

Christine (Stien) Gallas-de Calonne passed away

Christine (Stien) Gallas-de CalonneOn the 2nd of July 2015 Christine (Stien) de Calonne passed away at Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
She reached the blessed age of 96 years.

‘Oma’/’tante’ Stien was born on the 13th of March 1919 in Ketahun, the Dutch East-Indies.
She was the youngest daughter of August Gerard de Calonne and his first wife, Jenny Emma Rademaker.

On the 10th of July 1941 Stien married Wilhelmus Marinus (Wim) Gallas, who passed away in 1984.

The memorial service and cremation ceremony will take place on Friday, June 10th in Roterdam.

Photo treasure – August Gerard and Jenny Emma

While browsing the Dutch (photo) heritage website, I came across some photos that were donated by a “T. Pareau Dumont-Brunsveld Keiser”.
This woman, named Tine Theodora Titia Pareau Dumont, was a daughter-in-law of Florence Beatrice de Calonne, Francois Joseph de Calonne’s niece (my great-great-grandfather) and August Gerard de Calonne’s cousin (my great-grandfather). There also was this wedding photo taken in 1903 in Batavia. No names were mentioned.
Because I know August Gerard married his first wife, Jenny Emma Rademaker, in 1903 (the 8th of July) in Batavia, I was very excited. Could this be a yet unknown photo of my great-grandfather and his first wife?
An initial check using Google Picasa’s facial recognition was positive (Picasa suggested the people on the photo were August and Jenny) and so was a careful comparison of the facial features in this photo and known photos of them in my archive. Finally, two of August Gerard and Jenny Emma’s grandchildren identified them.
So, here it is, a hitherto unknown photo of August Gerard de Calonne and his first wife, Jenny Emma Rademaker. Taken at the day of their marriage, the 8th of July 1903 in Batavia (Dutch East Indies)!

August Gerard de Calonne - Jenny Emma Rademaker


Birth: Amélie Elizabeth de Calonne

On Friday the 5th of December 2014 at 05:08am Dennis de Calonne and Liesbeth de Calonne-Hendriks received a daughter. 
Her name is: Amélie Elizabeth. She weighs 3260 grams and measures about 50 centimeter.
Mother, daughter, father, sister Sophie and brother Daan are doing great.
Foto Amélie

90th birthday ‘Dot’ de Calonne-Smit

Today Albertine Miranda ‘Dot’ de Calonne-Smit celebrates her 90th birthday. She was born in 1924 in Batavia (Indonesia).
In 1952 she married Gerard Arthur de Calonne, a son of August Gerard de Calonne.
Dot de Calonne-Smit lives in Breda, the Netherlands.
Oma/tante Dot, children, grandchildren (see below) and great-grandchildren: congratulations!

Albertine Miranda de Calonne-smit en kleinkinderen

Coat of arms De Calonne registered

On December 18th the coat of arms of the Dutch Indies/’Indo’ branch of the De Calonne family was officially registered!
The coat of arms hanging at the home of many Calonnes, belongs to the noble Calonnes, originating from Tournai|Doornik (Belgium). A connection between the “Indische” De Calonnes and the noble, French-Belgium, Calonnes has not been found and probably won’t be found ever. The ‘Indo’-Calonnes aren’t entitled to use that noble coat of arms, but it’s also not appropiate to adorn with borrowed plumes.
That’s why Dennis de Calonne, in cooperation with a heraldist, designed a new coat of arms, specially for the ‘Indo’-Calonnes.
The new coat of arms can be used by all name-bearing descendants of Jean Baptiste de Calonne, ancestor of all ‘Indo’-Calonnes.
Click here to read extensively about the background of the new coat of arms and watch computer drawings of it.

(Dis)satisfied civil servants get their way?

On the 8th of December 1875 there was an unusual message in newspaper Java-bode.
The message apparantly was send in by civil servants of the land registry office (“kadastraal bureau”) in Batavia. At that time, Francois Joseph de Calonne was acting chief of that office.

Francois Joseph de Calonne (1836 – 1906) was the son of Jean Baptiste de Calonne, the ancestor of de Dutch-Indies De Calonne, who came from Belgium.
Francois was the father of August de Calonne and thus a direct ancestor of all Dutch-Indies De Calonne that are alive today.

The civil servants expressed their regret (“leedwezen”) and concerns about the fact that the government planned to terminate Francois’ employment at the land registry office.

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