Birth: Amélie Elizabeth de Calonne

On Friday the 5th of December 2014 at 05:08am Dennis de Calonne and Liesbeth de Calonne-Hendriks received a daughter. 

Her name is: Amélie Elizabeth. She weighs 3260 grams and measures about 50 centimeter.

Mother, daughter, father, sister Sophie and brother Daan are doing great.

Foto Amélie

90th birthday ‘Dot’ de Calonne-Smit

Today Albertine Miranda ‘Dot’ de Calonne-Smit celebrates her 90th birthday. She was born in 1924 in Batavia (Indonesia).
In 1952 she married Gerard Arthur de Calonne, a son of August Gerard de Calonne.
Dot de Calonne-Smit lives in Breda, the Netherlands.
Oma/tante Dot, children, grandchildren (see below) and great-grandchildren: congratulations!

Albertine Miranda de Calonne-smit en kleinkinderen

Coat of arms De Calonne registered

On December 18th the coat of arms of the Dutch Indies/’Indo’ branch of the De Calonne family was officially registered!
The coat of arms hanging at the home of many Calonnes, belongs to the noble Calonnes, originating from Tournai|Doornik (Belgium). A connection between the “Indische” De Calonnes and the noble, French-Belgium, Calonnes has not been found and probably won’t be found ever. The ‘Indo’-Calonnes aren’t entitled to use that noble coat of arms, but it’s also not appropiate to adorn with borrowed plumes.
That’s why Dennis de Calonne, in cooperation with a heraldist, designed a new coat of arms, specially for the ‘Indo’-Calonnes.
The new coat of arms can be used by all name-bearing descendants of Jean Baptiste de Calonne, ancestor of all ‘Indo’-Calonnes.
Click here to read extensively about the background of the new coat of arms and watch computer drawings of it.

(Dis)satisfied civil servants get their way?

On the 8th of December 1875 there was an unusual message in newspaper Java-bode.
The message apparantly was send in by civil servants of the land registry office (“kadastraal bureau”) in Batavia. At that time, Francois Joseph de Calonne was acting chief of that office.

Francois Joseph de Calonne (1836 – 1906) was the son of Jean Baptiste de Calonne, the ancestor of de Dutch-Indies De Calonne, who came from Belgium.
Francois was the father of August de Calonne and thus a direct ancestor of all Dutch-Indies De Calonne that are alive today.

The civil servants expressed their regret (“leedwezen”) and concerns about the fact that the government planned to terminate Francois’ employment at the land registry office.

Lees “(Dis)satisfied civil servants get their way?” verder

Birth news

There have been various additions to the De Calonne family lately.
The most recent is Réfandre August Gerard de Calonne, son of André and Syul.
Réfandre was born on the 7th of August 2013 in Manado, Indonesia.
André and Syul: congratulations!

Refandre Gerard August de Calonne

A slave called “Bientang”

The mother of the well known August Gerard de Calonne was called Maria Jacoba Cornelia Knaud (1846-1922). Her father was already known from previous research: Johan Marinus Knaud (1811-1880). Previous generations were still unknown.

Recent research has shown who Johan Marinus Knaud’s parents were. They were Christoffel Knaud (1783-1822) and…a slave called “Bientang” (star). The two never got married. So from his mother’s side August Gerard de Calonne at least had 1/8 slave blood running through his veins.

Christoffel Knaud was born in 1783 in Amsterdam and arrived in the Dutch East Indies in 1803, where he worked as a civil servant. He had a son with the mentioned slave, which was born on the 15th of September 1811 in Batavia. That son, Johan Marinus Knaud, was baptized in Batavia on the 13th of October 1811 and adopted by his father.

The generations befor Christoffel Knaud are subject to further research. His father, Jan Martin Knaud (born apr. 1746; various spellings of his name appear in documents: Knaud, Knaudt, Knoud en Knaut) originated from Lensahn, Sleeswijk-Holstein, Germany of Lenzen, Brandenburg, Germany. That means the Ducth Indies De Calonnes not only originate from Belgium, but also from Germany.

Birth: Sifra Djo van der Wal

Today, the 15th of June 2013, Nancy van der Wal-de Calonne (wife of Siebren van der Wal) gave birth to their third daughter.
Her name is Sifra Djo (Sifra).
Mother and daughter are staying in hospital “Nij Smellinghe” in Drachten, the Netherlands.
EDIT: below a photo of gorgeous Sifra (28th of June 2013).
Sifra Djo van der Wal

New website Dutch Indies Genealogical Society

 On the 2nd of June 2013 our own Dennis de Calonne has joined the board of the Dutch Indies Genealogical Society (IGV). One of his tasks will be the administration and further development of the brand new IGV website (mostly in Dutch).

The IGV is a Dutch society for genealogical research in the Dutch Indies. A lot of the members have ‘Indische’ root. However, everyone interested in Dutch Indies family history is more than welcome to join.

Members actively make (old) sources available to the public and write genealogies. The IGV published that work. An authoritative IGV publication is the “Indische Navorscher”. Members receive the genealogical yearbook free of charge, get high discounts on the other publications, receive the IGV-Info twice a year and have access to the members-only sections of the IGV website. Once a year there’s a members meeting, with the opportunity to meet, share, learn and eat (“rijsttafel”).

Members as well as non-members can share information and help each other with their research on the newly introduced IGV-forum.