A slave called “Bientang”

The mother of the well known August Gerard de Calonne was called Maria Jacoba Cornelia Knaud (1846-1922). Her father was already known from previous research: Johan Marinus Knaud (1811-1880). Previous generations were still unknown.

Recent research has shown who Johan Marinus Knaud’s parents were. They were Christoffel Knaud (1783-1822) and…a slave called “Bientang” (star). The two never got married. So from his mother’s side August Gerard de Calonne at least had 1/8 slave blood running through his veins.

Christoffel Knaud was born in 1783 in Amsterdam and arrived in the Dutch East Indies in 1803, where he worked as a civil servant. He had a son with the mentioned slave, which was born on the 15th of September 1811 in Batavia. That son, Johan Marinus Knaud, was baptized in Batavia on the 13th of October 1811 and adopted by his father.

The generations befor Christoffel Knaud are subject to further research. His father, Jan Martin Knaud (born apr. 1746; various spellings of his name appear in documents: Knaud, Knaudt, Knoud en Knaut) originated from Lensahn, Sleeswijk-Holstein, Germany of Lenzen, Brandenburg, Germany. That means the Ducth Indies De Calonnes not only originate from Belgium, but also from Germany.



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